ESL Passport helps all users build credibility, improve their transparency, differentiate themselves, and improve overall global trust within the industry. If a teacher or ESL Business is ESL Passport Verified, it means that teacher or ESL Business has applied to be verified, submitted all required documents, had extensive background checks done, and has been found to be authentic.  

You can tell if an ESL Business or teacher are verified by seeing if they have our official certification ribbon on their profile page.

We also give Verified ESL Businesses a website plugin and store-front window decal to show all their clients that they are a credible and verified business.  (Images below have watermarks and are poor quality to protect our brand.)


ESL Businesses who are not ESL Passport Verified may still be real businesses and even great ones at that! However, with common scams and bad business practices out there, we wanted to help bring new employees, customers, investors, and many more a sense of trust when communicating with Verified ESL Passport users.  

To choose a great educator or ESL Business, always checks their reviews and whether or not they are ESL Passport Verified. 


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