1. Gather required/recommended documents you will be submitting. 

2. Make digital copies of documents to submit.

3. Apply (For educator verification Click Here. For business verification Click Here.)

4. Wait for approval.

5. If approved: Receive ESL Passport Verified seal and other perks.

     If denied: Follow our recommendations stated in the email. Apply with adjustments made for free with in 15 days of being denied.


How long does verification take? 

This is a very good question, and it comes with a difficult, open-ended answer.  

We try to keep it under 2 weeks; however, it could take up to a few months depending on several factors. 

We promise that we will be working diligently to make this wait time as short as possible! 


Unfortunately, there are too many variables to give a set time frame for application approvals at this time. Common factors include the time of year, the local holidays where the source originates, when the position or certification being verified took place, and more.  

We would hate to say something and then not keep our promises! So, we chose the path of transparency.


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