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Nantong Genius English School - English Teacher Starting Sept. 2016

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City: Jiangsu
Country: China


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Nantong Genius English School Are Recruiting Teachers To Start in Sept. 2016 Nantong Genius English School is located in Nantong city, Jiangsu province, China. My name???s Ken Stone, a UK citizen, married to a Chinese woman, with whom Ihave two children ??? and I???m the founder of Nantong Genius English School. Our school caters to children (starting at 7 yrs old) and adults. Class sizes vary between 1 to 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 students in size. Our aim is to provide exactly what parents (or adult students) are paying for, through means of careful diagnostic testing, studied observation, the rapid presentation of information directed at students from a perspective which they find engaging and enlightening , as a means of equipping them for speaking, reading, and writing. Through this personal and direct approach our students find themselves thoroughly energized and properly primed in the use of their acquired language learning skills. Other schools teach English as merely a subject, but, here at Nantong Genius English School, we teach a set of language skills. These language acquisition and assimilation skills are carefully remembered, and provide students with clear, concise, rapid, and accurate recall. Thus allowing, and enabling, students to continually convince themselves of their own language learning abilities ability through consistent feelings of success. Positions are available for British citizens between 25 to 55 years old, and whopossess a minimum of: ??? a BA in any subject; but, of course, we have a particular preference for English orLinguistics; ??? preferably some teaching experience in ESL (though initial and ongoing training will beprovided to all accepted candidates); ??? a professional attitude to your work, with, perhaps, the aim of making a solid career foryourself in China; ??? a willingness to sign a minimum 1 year contract, but preferably a 2 year contract, withan initial 20 ??? 24 student contact hours per week; 1 year will work, if that's all you feel you can offer; ??? a willingness to learn Chinese (at our cost and under our tutelage), and ??? a nice, clear RP (Received Pronunciation) English, if possible.OUR OFFER ??? Saturday and Sunday main working days @ 20 hours - 2 X 10 hr days; ??? Another potential 4 hours work, between 16:30 hrs to 20:30 hrs, sometime betweenMonday to Friday, to be arranged and agreed by both parties; ??? All other hours are your own. ??? 1 month unpaid holiday per year; ??? 1 return flight to the UK per year; ??? Fully furnished and equipped apartment, with TV, Cable TV, DVD, internet, washingmachine, and air conditioning, which you may choose to share with another same genderteacher, or keep it to yourself; ??? Free Chinese language classes; ??? Private Health Insurance; SALARY SCHEDULE ??? 150 RMB per hour @ a maximum 20 contact hours per week (further hours upon your own request); totalling 12,000 RMB per month; equalling, roughly, ??1,279 per month; ??? If, you have chosen a 2 year contract, at the termination of your 2 year contract, youare again willing to sign an extension of another 2 years, we'll increase your hourlysalary to 175 RMB per contact hour; thus, increasing your monthly salary to 14,000RMB per month; equalling, roughly, ??1,492 per month; ??? If, at the termination of your 2nd 2 year contract you are willing to do the same, we'llincrease your hourly salary to 200 RMB per hour; thus increasing your salary to 16,000RMB per month; equalling, roughly, ??1,705 per month; ??? If at any time during the course of your engagement we determine to offer you amanagement position, we'll offer you, above and beyond your current salary level, 1% ofthe NET profit of the school branch in which you're located; with an additional 1% forevery future consecutive 2 year contract, thereafter, up to a maximum 5%. However, once you leave the school that NET profit will cease after the first anniversary of your leaving. This is a genuine offer for a go at a potential life and career in China, which, in my personalexperience, exceeds 'any offer' from any other school in China. We're progressive, open, and fair; we're looking for continuity of staff, in terms of quality and time spent engaged and contracted with our school. In contrast, you will find yourself to be nothing more than a money-spinning-product for other schools, whose offers do not even begin, in any meaningful sense, to compare with ours. If you find our requirements, and our offer, to be compatible with your own outlook andrequirements, please, email your CV, photograph, and availability details to Ken Stone, via: [EMAIL VISIBLE TO REGISTERED USERS] Additionally, you can also connect with me on WeChat, if you have it on your phone or pad. My WeChat ID is: Pekingatbeijing Alternatively search google to download the WeChat App. Please, feel free to include any requests for further information in your email. All personal details will be handled in the strictest confidence. Thank you for taking the time to visit and read our website. Information on Nantong can be found here on these direct links: Wikipedia Nantong: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nantong Google Maps: http://tinyurl.com/zhxwttx Finally, please note that your initial hours may be very low, as we have to build up a catalogue of classes and students for you. Therefore, your initial workload may only be between 4 and 8 hours per week; however, we???ll use the rest of the time in training and teaching you Chinese. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Ken Stone