There are a million and one job boards out there for teachers looking to go abroad. There are just as many recruiters,

recruiting companies,

social media groups, and resource hubs.

So, why is ESL Passport worth your time? What can you gain here?

A very good question! Let's break it down...

ESL Passport is truly UNBIASED.

Our company is set up in such a way that we cannot be bought. Companies and schools cannot pay us to remove bad reviews. They also cannot fake good reviews. (We have a whole system to catch scammers, which has already caught a few!) Businesses and teachers alike will have all of the claims made on their profiles verified by us! So, when you read a profile, you can trust the information.

ESL Passport serves teachers, businesses, and students alike. 

Why is that good? Well, because it shows that our true motivation is to improve THE INDUSTRY as a whole.  We are not here to bad-mouth all of the schools and go on a witch hunt! We are not here to help companies trick good teachers into signing up! We are here to make the global English education industry better, more effective, and more trustworthy. Whoever you are and whatever you need -- we are here for you!

ESL Passport is organized.

Ok, call us crazy, but the haphazard look of some other job boards make us CRAZY! (cough cough Dave's ESL Cafe cough cough)

How can a person read that without developing a twitch?! Our job board and profiles are neatly presented, searchable, and readable.

ESL Passport has an open mind (and open eyes and ears too)!

We are a member of the global education industry. So, it would be pretty hypocritical of us to not be willing to learn! ESL Passport's CEO is constantly on the move, travelling from country to country to meet with industry professionals and learn about everyone's needs. Plus, our organization is growing -- we are gaining local representatives all over the world. We are participating in professional learning and forums, and we have our arms wide open to the world!

(Did you see us featured in this news article from Hyderabad, India?)

ESL Passport belongs to you.

We are a new and growing organization, so we are always happy to hear feedback from YOU! We are ready to adapt and grow so that we can serve you best. Tell us what you think - on Facebook, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, or by email! This organization was built for you, so use it, live it, and love it!  


ESL Passport has a bright future, and we want to share it with you!  Join us, spread the word, invite your friends, and get ready for the adventure!

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