English is one of the most widely used languages in the world. When people from different countries and different backgrounds need to communicate, they often use English,

as it serves as the most common medium of interaction.

The power of this language is so immense that it has become a global language.

Uniting people internationally and building bridges to other cultures has been possible using this common language. This is the basis of why so many nations have placed so much importance on having their citizens be fluent in English. 

These demands have produced a thriving economy of ESL-related businesses. The multibillion dollar industry spreads to every corner of the world and pours into metropolitan cities as well as small communities.

Currently, with a conservative estimate of 500,000 registered ESL-related businesses in the world, we can assume there are just as many unregistered, freelance, and scam-related businesses.

That means there are around 1 million ESL-related businesses in total. They are all fighting to hire, train, recruit, and service native-speaking teachers and international students in some way.

Based on compiled surveys and factored estimates:

73% of ESL-related businesses do not meet client or employee expectations.

68% of recruiters stretch the truth.

53% of ESL-related businesses fail to meet contracted terms.

42% of educators teach illegally.

19% of ESL-related businesses are scams.

Let’s be real…these numbers are not great. 

English as a Second Language (ESL) has many beautiful aspects, but sadly, dated practices in the global ESL industry have left the industry broken, dark, lacking trust, confusing, corrupted, risky, and a constant leap of faith.

ESL Passport was created to change this, and we push ourselves daily to reach our goals.


ESL Passport strives to create affordable organization, transparency, and accountability in this industry.  While we have a long road ahead of us to evolve this industry, we wholeheartedly believe these characteristics are the future of the global industry and will stop at nothing to make them the new standards.

No matter the nature of a business’s track record, we will work with them and provide the tools and guidance to get them to a place of good business practices.

We don’t rely on messy, vast forums, venting chat rooms, black lists, popular messaging groups, money paid by teachers in order to differentiate themselves, or paid job posts (as our members post for free). We offer different and modern tools and services, and have so much more to come!

We are pleased to say that we are already developing partnerships and programs for the years ahead!

If you haven’t already, join ESL Passport to be a part of the inevitable change occurring globally in English as a Second Language.

Transparency and trust are the future of the global ESL Industry, and we will get it there.


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