Finding the PERFECT educator is possible, but usually found at the end of a very bumpy, stressful, and wild path.

At ESL Passport,

we are here to make that journey more enjoyable and less chaotic. We like to call this process "Erasing the Maybe's" since we are helping to lessen the uncertainty when finding an ideal employee.

ESL Passport was created to aide in this messy process and to gradually implement new standards for ESL-related businesses and global educators alike.  We will be by your side and encourage you to master one step at a time. During the "Erasing the Maybe's" process, never hesitate to reach out for our help in any way! 


Before you can even decide on the ideal employee for your institution or business, you need to make sure you are able to attract great applicants. If you have not yet, please read and use How To Make Your Business Profile Stand Out.

Once you have polished your ESL Passport business profile, you can then be best prepared to advertise your job openings.

1. Search Everywhere... BUT always CHECK with ESL Passport.

It doesn't matter where you first find the potential employee. It can be in ESL Passport's Educator database, a WeChat group post, a LinkedIn profile, in person at an event, or even in a coffee shop. No matter where you find them, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS come back to ESL Passport and check out their reviews, profile.  There is no reason they shouldn't be on our site as our services are always free for educators  If you don't see them, then ask them to join as part of your hiring/ interview process. We can do most of the work for you!


2. ESL Passport Registered?

Yes, we just mentioned this briefly above, but it is so important, we are going to talk about it more!

In your job posts (wherever they are), does it say it is required for them to be an ESL Passport member to apply?

The answer to this should be YES

Reasons Why:

  • A membership is FREE 
  • It helps you learn more about them.
  • We can verify them for you.
  • It can show you how serious they are about their international education career.

SO WHY NOT? If they are not a member yet, ask them to sign up. Helps them and helps you!


3. Be Honest

Post a 100% honest job post.  DO not, I repeat DO NOT lie ...even just a little. If any of this is less than what was promised or portrayed, the employee will feel very frustrated and will probably tell everyone they know what they experienced. Yikes!

Instead, be very honest and transparent. If the educator agrees to the truth, then they know what to expect and how to prepare. Many educators from around the world love the adventure and excitement a less-than-perfect atmosphere brings. You would be surprised how many global educators crave an honest and transparent employer. Trust and happiness are more valuable than vacation time and high salaries.

4. Do your Homework

For a low cost to the educator, ESL Passport will have our team of fact checkers verify all of their documents, reference letters, and more. 

If you see they are ESL Passport Verified... AWESOME!

If they are a member with a full profile but not verified... they could be good. (You can even fund them to get verified if you really want them checked out!) 

If they have a weak and empty ESL Passport Profile.. if they could not take 10 minutes to fill it all out - - then they must not be too serious about their career.  Not a good sign!

If they don't have an ESL Passport profile: have them make one. If they do: you can see their eagerness for your job. If they don't, well YOU'RE WELCOME.. we helped you avoid a bad one!


5. Read into their ESL Passport Profile DEEPER.

If you didn't already know, we have awesome FREE tools that can help establish credibility for global educators as well as ESL-businesses. We have an icon that will light up if an ESL Passport business or educator submits proof of professional development. Now, since this is also FREE, there should be nothing holding people back from submitting their professional development information. Here at ESL Passport, we believe there is no perfect educator or ESL business, and everyone has room to learn and grow. Thus, we will honor those who do take the time to improve themselves and their team. 

 6. Reviews. Reviews. Reviews.

Go and read their reviews! We are giving you the employer an easy way to see who they are! They cannot delete a review. Better yet, if you interview them, review them and give your impressions. Why not! The more reviews, the merrier. If a member has few reviews, it doesn't mean they are terrible, so encourage them before your interview to have reviews added.

You could say, "Before our interview next week, we will like for you to have a previous employer, two co-workers, and two students review you as an educator."


7. Ask to have the interview process reviewed. 

After the final interview of the applicant, (BEFORE you offer them or decline them the position) ask them to review you. YES, really! GO ahead and send them your ESL Passport profile link. Their response will help you see who they are as well as provide you feedback on your hiring process. 


8. Review the applicant 

Like you have asked them to make a review, you should make a review of them following the interview process before making a formal offer or rejection. 

9. Offer a legitimate contract with clear terms. 

This is a HUGE DEAL! The number of contracts that are broken every year by the employer and the employee is TOO MANY! Make sure you provide a contract you intend on fully honoring clearly in English. Keep all emails and conversations in a digital file somewhere. If something important is said verbally, make sure you get it in writing too. This could prove useful should you ever need proof of the terms you agreed on. This is currently the industry's number one reason for conflict in the workplace. 


We are here to help you along the way! Share this article to your social media to show your team and applicants what you are looking for. 

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