It's easy!
Ask at least 10 of your teachers, staff members, and students to go to and write a review of your #ESLBusiness!

If you succeed in getting 10 reviews in 10 days...This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know!  We will confirm your success and grant you a FREE Social Media Add-On to help you promote your business and job posts. Free publicity? Yes please!

(Already have the Social Media Add-On? That's ok! Contact us and we will choose another freebie you can win!)


And to make it EVEN EASIER, here is a message you can copy and paste to your potential reviewers:

Hello! We would like to ask you to write a review of our business on ESL Passport! This is a new website where we can promote our business to educators and students by showing that we are trustworthy and valued. One way for us to do this is by receiving reviews! Please go to [LINK TO YOUR BUSINESS PROFILE HERE] and click "Write Review" at the bottom of the page. Thank you in advance for your honest review!

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