Why recruiters like you can and should partner up with ESL Passport We know what you're thinking:

 ESL Passport is just another way for teachers and schools to bypass recruiters like me. frown

ESL Passport is here to be your ally, not your competition.  
Do not fear the change we bring.  Embrace it and use it to your advantage!
Now, you might be thinking: Well, maybe... but I'm not quite convinced. undecided
Partnering with ESL Passport as a Recruiter means that you can:
1. Improve your image with positive reviews from educators and businesses you have worked with.
2. Let us do the work of confirming educators' credentials and qualifications for you.
3. Seek out teachers with good reviews and solid backgrounds to recommend to your schools.
4. Look for reputable, well-respected businesses and schools to recommend to your teachers.
And the best part?
We want to work WITH you. Get in touch with us and let's make a plan!  We could...
Arrange a discount to get ALL of your teachers ESL Passport Verified...
Help you offer free ESL Passport Verification to teachers who complete their contracts...
Get you ESL Passport Verified to help you stand out to the best teachers and businesses...
We want to get you what you need!  Talk to us - the sky's the limit!
And now, you're thinking: Let's get started! smile