2018 ESL Passport Verified

ESL Passport Verification

Get verified to prove authenticity and build trust.

Get ESL Passport Verified Today!

Verified Member profiles significantly stand out.

This paid option is a great benefit when job hunting. We research the information submitted and determine accuracy.

Verified Member profiles are marked with the ESL Passport Verified badge. This is very important as ESL Passport tells educators global to always check and see if the ESL Business is verified. 

When getting verified you will need to submit detailed information regarding certifications, licensees, and other business registration documents.

* The time it takes members to get verified varies. Due to a long list of possible variables, we will always work diligently to have a quick turnaround but cannot make guarantees. Currently, the average time to become ESL Passport verified is 2-3 weeks.  Learn More

Business License
Please upload a scanned image of your business license.
Please upload accreditation certificate, accreditation group website and year the business received accreditation.
Please upload any contracts you have with schools to do their recruiting
Proof of Address
Please upload proof of your address (business address or personal if freelancer).
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