ESL Passport


To create needed change in the global ESL Industry by implementing new norms of organization, credibility, and accountability.


To be the most trusted GO TO source for all things 'ESL' by the year 2020.

Hey, I’m the ESL Passport founder and CEO Stacey Klinge!

For many years, I worked in the English as a Second Language (ESL) global Industry. I have taught learners, trained educators, and consulted for ESL-related Businesses worldwide.

When I taught in the classroom, I had an exciting new life of foreign culture and frequent adventures! That was great, but I was listening to and experiencing employment HORROR STORIES every other day it seemed!

When I later trained educators and worked as a consultant for a few ESL Businesses, I discovered they too had a long list of frustrations with finding serious and dedicated employees.


ESL Passport is setting new industry standards which remove frustrations and fear of scams, fraud, broken contracts, corruption, discrimination, unequal pay, etc. and adds amazing tools the global ESL industry has yet to experience!

It took nearly two years and A LOT OF COFFEE, but we are now proudly connected with global influencers, ministries of education, international legal teams, and businesses around the world.

Yes, altering an entire global industry is extremely challenging - but if you have ever worked in the ESL industry, you know a change is WAY PAST DUE!

The past pitfalls are why ESL Passport’s team members love their assigned challenges and why we FULLY BELIEVE in helping create an organized, trusted, and ethical future for the ESL Industry and our role in getting it there.

Together, we are making a GLOBAL DIFFERENCE for an entire industry.


We Value Transparency

We value transparency and the trust it builds, therefore we show you where your money is going in our company.

Since we are self-funded (with out investors or other influencers) we are able to grow stronger and keep the ESL Industry's integrity as a priority.